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Learning Sites

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Don’t risk your great content on bad delivery systems. Let us help you to take advantage of the power of WordPress to rapidly deploy a learning platform tailored to your needs.

Whether you need a simple learning site, a full-on, multi-organizational social-learning hub, or a combined learning and business solution, we can customize your WordPress site and deliver the functionality you need to meet your online-education and business objectives.

Don’t have a WordPress site yet? We can help you with that too.

Why WordPress?

Over 35% of ALL websites are built using WordPress. With an ever expanding market of plugins and themes, WordPress enables you to take advantage of the latest in technical thinking, have the functionality, reliability, and the excellence you need today, and the room to grow and adapt to whatever the future throws at you. And, WordPress solutions are yours to keep – there’s no licencing to worry about.

Benefit from Learnbase’s Expert Learning Functionality Curation

With such a wealth of options at your fingertips, selecting the right WordPress components and understanding how they’ll function together can be challenging. We’ve been using WordPress to develop online-learning solutions since 2013, and we’ve learnt a lot! We know what to avoid, and what works well. Based on our experience we’ve curated a selection of WordPress components that provide a broad range of functionality, and work seamlessly together. We call this our Core Stack.

Selecting from our Core Stack provides many of our clients with an accessible, fast way to produce quality online learning experiences that will exceed expectations. And, of course, we can also be your guide in the broader market of WordPress components to find fit-for-purpose functionality for your site.

Some clients require more than site customization to meet their online-education and business objectives. If this sounds like you, then click the Apps hexagon!

Learnbase’s Core Stack

We can customise your site from our Core Stack, and be your guide in the broader market of WordPress components to find fit-for-purpose functionality for your site.  Click below to find out more about our Core Stack components…

Learning Strategy and Product Vision

Domain Leads

Online-Learning Strategies that Start with You.

We begin with curiosity, empathy, and an enthused Discovery Process to focus and streamline your product development, saving you time and money. 

Through this process we clarify the core challenge driving your product development, explore the product chance and articulate your product vision.  Aligned around this understanding, we use The Learnbase Learning Framework to challenge development presumptions and visualize opportunities that may not otherwise have been considered.  

As specialists, we understand the need to focus on doing what comes best to you. So, you bring your subject matter expertise, and we’ll bring our signature blend of learning and technical insight. Together we’ll create compelling online learning that will really engage your learners, and help them apply new knowledge, skills and self-understanding to make a real difference in their lives and communities.

And, on a macro level, we have significant experience helping direct the educational strategies of organizations through in-depth research and delivery of evidence-based insight.

Learnbase exceeded our expectations. We did not start with a clear picture of what the end product would look like, Learnbase helped us create and plan and adapt throughout the process and the end result was excellent.

Project Manager,
BC Children’s Hospital


Media Production

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We translate your wisdom and insight into a rich, engaging online educational format that is tailor made to meet the needs of your stakeholders and learners.

We have the learning content and video production capacity to deliver exceptional quality at accessible pricing.

Graphic design and illustration. Learning design tools. Film and animation. Script writing and editorial services. Our team has all the skills and resources that your project needs.

We get results because we take the time to understand your learners and their preferences, and we create with you, according to how people actually learn.

Online learning is not the same as in-classroom. Using our educational experience we combine the best of both the science and art of educational delivery. We design and produce transformational online-learning, presenting your content in a way that engages your learners, empowering them with new knowledge and skills, equipping and inspiring them to make real change happen in their own lives.

Hosting & Optimisation

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As the architect of your solution, and with a focus solely on learning sites, we’re best positioned to deliver worry-free hosting and optimization. We set you up on secure and rapidly scalable Canadian servers and provide monthly maintenance, updates, backups and performance checks to ensure your site stays happy, healthy, speedy and safe.

We monitor your site so that we can gradually scale the server’s power as your learner and visitor community increases (and can also make sure you have plenty of capacity for those special course and product launch days).

Our support team is fast, friendly and responsive.

Custom Coding & Applications

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Learnbase is helping organizations pioneer learning that is directly embedded in workplace applications. We strategize, design and custom build these applications from the ground up. While our modular WordPress sites can help you deploy a site cheaply and efficiently, our fully custom solutions enable us to give you full control over every aspect of initial development and future emerging requirements.

With expertise in Drupal, React, Lumen and Angular, we can help visualize solutions to match requirements and provide options to match your budget.

Here are two recent releases:


Engagement Strategy

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Project Stakeholder Alignment & Engagement.
An output of our strategic Discovery Process is your Product Story. The Product Story contextualises and clarifies the challenge, opportunity and vision for your product.  Not only is your Product Story a key input to our product development process, it also becomes a useful tool to engage and align your project team, and a communications framework to support your product marketing initiatives.  Furthermore, we can equip and support you to use your Product Story to engage and excite your broader network of product stakeholders and users.

Learner Engagement. 

Are your clients feeling connected to your work?

Too often, people think that if they build an online course, the audience will come. If the course is good, the audience will return. But the fact is that it’s engagement that matters most of all.  Using proven marketing and ‘selling’ techniques combining story, language, messaging and pace we help you to build and maintain a loyal community of learners.

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