The Video Lesson Maker is the right choice for delivering your online lessons if...

  • you’re supporting your learners on a journey of real change, not just compliance
  • your approach is to enable your learners to examine and change the way they think
  • your role is as your learners’ guide, rather than as a just a ‘knowledge expert’
  • you require your learners to actively explore and participate
  • your learners need space and time to pause, consider, reflect, plan, assess & evaluate
  • you want to provide a safe, thoughtful space for learners to prepare for live group meetings
The Video Lesson Maker - Lesson View

Craft deeper learning with the Video Lesson Maker Studio

  • Design and build lessons the same way you would lead them live
  • Present content and guide learners in in the Video section
  • Invite deeper affective learning in the Workbook section.
  • Set pauses and add overlays, images, colour blocks and embed iframe content directly over the video
  • Set the workbook for downloadable reference of lesson material and learner notes
  • Invite the learners to submit their workbooks to a mentor for in-situ feedback
The Video Lesson Maker - Studio View
The Video Lesson Maker in Action:

Join the thousands of learners in legal, health, education, technical and vocational programs who have experienced transformational online learning delivered by Video Lesson Maker.

If you’re an organisation doing educational outreach, and want to learn more about how The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker can help you deliver transformational online-lessons, connect with us today.


Things we all love about The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker

Quick to launch your lessons

  • Getting sophisticated lessons up online quickly is a breeze with The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker.
  • And, if you plan to create multiple lessons within a course sequence you can save time by creating theming and functionality presets with The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker add-ons.

Simple to customise and brand your lessons

Lessons colours and formats can be customised. Choose your brand colours and select your choice of lesson formats.

Use with or without a Learning Management System (LMS)

You can easily embed a Learnbase Video Lesson on any page, post or custom content type on your WordPress site using a shortcode.

And for those that have an LMS, the good news is that Video Lesson Maker is designed to enhance the learning capabilities of any WordPress LMS such as Learndash. The lessons can be placed by shortcode in any lesson, or topic of an LMS, or can be used independently of an LMS for simpler courses.

Monetizing your lessons is a breeze

To monetize your lessons, you can either use a Learning Management System to create a course that is made to be purchased OR use a Membership Plugin and offer course pages only to paid members. Your Learning Management System should also integrate with a purchase/subscription shopping cart like Woo Commerce.

Interactive workbook/video combo gives learners time to pause, and space to reflect

You can start and stop your video at times of your choosing, and invite your learners to work through your customised material presented within their personal workbook.

Single page lessons to help learners maintain focus

Because your learners personal workbook lives just below your video your learners can switch seamlessly between interacting with your video and their workbook, enabling them to refer back to earlier notes, explore supporting content, answer questions or jot down notes and thoughts as they watch.

Maintain learner engagement with personalised feedback

Using the Learnbase Video Lesson Maker add-ons enables you to invite learners to submit workbook content, and provide personalised feedback.  For larger organisations there’s even the option of controlling exactly who sees submissions from specific lessons

Cost effective

All your text overlays can be added to your video in the Learnbase Video Lesson Maker’s Studio, so you can save the money and time going back and forth with a third party editor 

Your video doesn’t have to be a high-production-value epic!  It can be as simple as an iphone video of you talking to camera.

Keeps the load light on your server

The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker is designed to work seamlessly with Vimeo, so Vimeo does the heavy lifting on the video delivery, not your server!

Works on mobile devices

Learnbase Video Lessons prompt users to switch to horizontal view for a better mobile experience. So, your learners can check in with lessons on mobile, although we do recommend that you encourage your learners to use larger devices to benefit from the more immersive and participatory learning approach.

Haven’t produced your video lesson yet? Learnbase can help you develop your learning strategy, and design and produce an online learning video that will make the most of Video Lesson Maker’s unique, experiential online educational approach.

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