The Challenge

When the BC government allotted significant funding to a number of the key organizations providing support, training and guidelines to within Early Childhood Education sector, the organizations had the foresight to create a single social training hub and they asked Learnbase to help.

We were well versed in most of the technology pieces they needed, but making it work as a single entity for five different independent organizations each with their own style, requirements ad expectations was a large puzzle we needed to solve. Each had different ideas of how to organize courses and resources, discussion groups and certification AND each needed independent tracking of the e-commerce aspects. It was a big ask. And did we mention that each organization required high level courses made each with its own style and delivery mode?

The Solution

We used the stack of WordPress pieces we know and love, but with extra pieces and custom work to ‘glue’ them together to get them to work in new ways. We also evolved our hosting capabilities moving to AWS servers and adding a  Dev Ops specialist to our dev team. This meant the site was better able to handle spikes and ensured that we could scale the sites as it rapidly became THE go-to resource in BC for Early Childhood professional development.

Each organization involved was on fully on board with helping us explore each solution from their own requirements and were wonderful to work with.

We also helped to strategize the different approaches for five HUGE course initiatives, each an important contribution to the sector, and accelerated to full online formats far more rapidly than we expected as Covid hit.

Our Learnbase Video Lesson Maker (shown above) was a perfect format for the courses with the greater ‘transformational’ or (de)constructive aspects, and plays a big role on in the training across the platform.

The site is continuing to grow and new powerful courser initiatives are being added frequently.