This is key. For talking head situations, we make sure the top of the presenter’s head is very close to the top of the frame. Bigger hair can also be ‘cropped’ outside the frame. The tendency to frame the head vertically central can make the presenter look like they are too short to fit into the shot and that you should have lowered the camera or stood them on a bucket. This may seem obvious. However, besides sound quality, this is the number one problem we find with pre-made videos we are given by our clients.

Picture of talking head framed with top of head just out of view
The very top of bigger hair is cropped intentionally.

Also think about whether it is essential to use 16:9 ratio. 16:9 is wonderful for wide panoramic vistas and we’ve all just adopted it without question.  But if we have control of the platform and player that the video will appear in, we can consider moving back to the squarer 4:3 ratio that is way more natural fit for talking-head situations.