Once everything is set up, during the shoot, you’ll need to be juggling at least the following:

1. Camera
2. Sound
3. Autocue
4. Makeup
5. Keeping notes
6. The presenter
7. The script
8. The delivery

While we had more people in the early days we generally just have a crew of two once we got the multi-tasking down. The camera person does the science looking after setting up the lights, keeping an eye of the frame, and working the camera and audio. At Learnbase, the Learning Designer takes care of the art – which means doing anything and everything they can to ensure that the presenter is at their best throughout. The Learning Designer essentially becomes the director and will ideally be the initial editor. They will work with the camera tech to capture the ideal frame as they will be most aware of how the final product will appear within the learning application. They should be solely responsible for deciding when to cut and giving performance feedback to the subject.