A little generational analysis goes a long way in managing teams of disparate ages. But the edges get kinda blurry. No two sources can quite seem to agree when the precise cut off dates are, which is only right given all the factors that can make one either at the heart or the toenails of the zeitgeist of your formative years.

So here is a quick and fail safe musical guide for identifying who is really who on those nebulous cusps.

Veteran or Boomer? If the answer to the question, ‘Do you like the Beatles?’ is ‘Oh yes. Well, until all that drug nonsense’. Veteran

Boomer or X? Winces at the term ‘concept album’? X

X or Y? Nods unconvincingly to a confiding ‘Jeez, it’s like punk never happened’? Y

Y or Millenial? Is it about vampires? Not Y.