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All you need is Learnbase.
Deep support for the creation, delivery, and promotion of your online courses... YOU can focus on what you do best.
Online course creation can be a complex puzzle.
Learnbase puts the pieces together.
From planning your content to reaching your audience and all the steps in between, we’ve got your back.
You get a fully-supported version of the unique Learnbase platform ensuring that you have control of your brand...and your revenue.
Sell and promote your courses, combos and supplements using our highly customizable shopping cart, sales funnel and affiliate sales.
Providing learning programs is not just about working towards a ‘sign-off’ date. A great course that inspires, engages and sells to a learning community needs ongoing care and attention - it’s a journey with many destinations. The Learnbase team teams with you to guide you on that path. We are totally invested in the success of the partners we choose to travel with.
We Bring
You Bring
  • The Learnbase Interactive Learning Platform
  • Course Conceptualization and Design
  • Learning Optimization
  • Interactive Video and Audio production
  • Functionality Customization
  • Course Branding
  • Optimization of your shopping cart
  • Set up and maintenance of your landing pages
  • Set up and maintenance of your list opt-ins
  • Course launch secrets and protocols
  • Technical support to your learners
  • SEO optimization and improved search rankings
  • You Bring
  • Subject expertise and thought leadership
  • Existing syllabus and materials or just a great idea
  • Engagement of your community through social media, blogs, publicity and advertising
  • A desire to build a genuine and high quality learning experience
  • “The Learnbase team were great, they not only helped to get our site designed and launched but also provided expert guidance so we could create a better learning experience for our clients. A tremendous experience.”
    André Serpa, VP Sales Engineering & Professional Services Datawatch
    Learners deserve more than most online courses deliver. Learnbase’s interactive video-learning platform and methodology keeps learners fully engaged and focused, while keeping video production costs and requirements low. Packed with features, we have built the platform to give you everything you need in one place.
    The Learnbase platform brings you:

    Ensure deep cognitive engagement with the ability to involve your learners with your content and challenge them every step of the way!

    Sequence, package and sell courses exactly how you need them. As for customizing your platform functionality - the sky is the limit.

    Host as many courses as you like, onboard as many students as you can, grow your network with affiliates, license to organizations.

    A basis for open learning communities and closed organizational groups

    We build an iteration of the platform just for you so that you can maximize your control of your brand, learning approach and revenue.

    Your learners get a rich learning experience. Your organizational clients can oversee learner progress. You make money.
    Learnbase Interactive Video Capabilites In Focus
    While much much more than just a video-learning platform, interactive video is at the heart of our learning design. We offer two video learning templates to suit different contexts - the Video Bento Box for accelerated knowledge aquisition or skill-based input, and the Video Workbook of more transformational, self-reflective, developmental programs or units.
    In both templates, the slide area to the right of the video is directly linked to video timeline. You can insert images, powerpoints or direct text for agile learning design and revisioning. Crucially this reduces cost, and vastly reduces the prohibitive editing of intrusive in-video annotations. The slide area can therefore be used to provide commentary, informational support ... AND gentle learning facilitation to guide learner interaction during pre-set pauses on the video timeline.
    “Learnbase exceeded my expectations at every turn. It included everything I wanted for my program and more.”
    - Crista Cloutier, The Working Artist
    Once we’ve made a great course together, it’s time to get it out there and get you amply rewarded. We’ve built up a great suite of sales and marketing tools so you don’t have waste time and money shopping around third-party sites for every piece you need. We’ve worked closely with our clients to build and optimize exactly what they needed to back up their marketing campaigns...and their sales!
    We provide
  • Customizable shopping cart
  • Sequenced landing page and launch registration suite
  • Promo launch registration pages
  • Combo packages & active upselling
  • Course and non-course products
  • Affiliate hit and sales tracking
  • Direct iTunes Podcast feeds
  • Blog
  • Bulk and individual coupons
  • Organizational enrollment shopping cart bypass
  • EU VAT Compliance (Yes you need it!)
  • Optimized sales funnel
  • “I wanted to deliver an online program but couldn’t see how to do it. The unique Learnbase platform was the answer.”
    - David Shadbolt, Owner – Peak Symmetry
    “We make a long-term investment in the success of your course. That commitment to your business is what sets us apart.” - Neil Hammond, Founder
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