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Learnbase Video Lesson Maker

A simple template for seriously creative lesson making.

The Learnbase Video Lesson Maker helps you make and deliver an unparalleled online learning experience either within a course sequence or for standalone ‘micro’ lessons.

The Video Lesson Maker puts an array of lesson design tools at your fingertips:  interactive video tools, in-video navigation and a workbook and note section that lets you create sophisticated single-page lessons and deliver them in customization colours and formats anywhere on your WordPress site.

We’ve built the Video Lesson Maker carefully over time and used it with our closest clients – large public health programs, legal education,  vocational development and technical training, and have built and developed the Lesson Maker based on thorough designer and learner feedback.

We are now ready to share the ‘public’ beta version with you for a limited-time trial!


The Video Lesson Maker™ is perfect for:

Learning Design

IMac with learning design tools

Create classroom-like guided lesson flow for micro-courses, or dramatically boost the interactivity of courses within your favourite WordPress LMS.

Content Marketing

Let your  potential customers and clients interact with rich learning content, and with you via a Learnbase Video Lesson™.


Use the Video Lesson Maker™ to cover ‘discovery’ in an engaging, interactive and diagnostic way so you can maximize the impact of your face-to-face consultations (and save your precious time).

How does it work?

Lesson View

Deliver lessons anywhere on your WordPress site or within any WordPress LMS lesson.
Learners can cover the whole lesson on a single page, avoiding unnecessary navigation. This let’s the learners go higher with their thinking and deeper with their learning!

Click or tap the area on the image below to find out more.


Learning Design
Maker View

The Lesson Maker view opens right within your wordpress site bringing together heaps of functionality that would normally take dozens of plugins to create. The completely unique template models the way good teachers plan great lessons.

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What else would you like to know?

Learnbase logo with Wordpress logo

Use with your WordPress LMS of choice

There are a number of great Learning Management System choices for WordPress to help you build and deliver courses. But they don’t help you to make great lessons. That’s where the Video Lesson Maker comes in and it all fits right into your WordPress site.

L:earnbase logo with magnifying glass

Deep micro-learning

Not all online learning need an Learning Management System. Sometimes you just want your learners to be able to search for, find and complete a single micro-lesson…fast.  

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Lessons that co-create learning

Learners can download / print all the (non-interactive) content you add to the Workbook section of the lesson along with the notes they make – a co-created workbook!

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Logged in or Anonymous users

If you don’t want your learners to log into a site or course, the Video Lesson Maker can be used for anonymous users. There notes will still get saved and be there when they return.

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Plan like you would for the classroom

We don’t see the video part of the lessons as extra content. We don’t see it as simply the subject matter content. Ideally, we see video including the guiding voice through the lesson, helping guide the learners through the material.

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More at your learners fingertips

Most online courses involve clicking through many pages. The Video Lesson Maker helps you deliver more in-depth lessons on a single page, while avoiding overwhelm and forcing toomuch navigation on your learners.

Learnbase Video Lesson Feedback (Add-on)

Give learners feedback directly within specific lesson stages.

Personalize the learning experience with direct real feedback.

The Video Lesson Feedback™ Add-On allows learners to submit the workbook section of their Video lesson for feedback that arrives directly in lesson.

Whenever you receive a submission you get notified via email and can click directly to the site to provide personalized feedback.  The learner in turn is notified and can also click back directly to the lesson to see their feedback in full context.

A submission report page allows you to oversee and administer feedback, see how many sections you have provided feedback on and also to mark complete when you decide the learner has completed the task.

You can also keep the section open for further responses or lock it when complete so that the text editor disappears from the section in the learner’s view.