Name? Neil Hammond

Where are you from originally?  Manchester, England

What is your role with Learnbase?  Founder / director

What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week?  
That a Viking fleet once temporarily took control of Baku in Azerbaijan. I mean what? Really? I visited that old city once and and it seemed as far from Vikings as you can get! Although wait a minute, I was on business there with a Scandinavian company at the time. The more things change….

Favourite part about working at Learnbase? 
Seeing the impact that the courses we make for our clients can have on their learning communities. There are some real life-changing transformations happening and it’s such a thrill to be part of that.

If you had to kill either WordPress or Drupal, which?  
We were always big fans of Drupal but moving forward there is no way that we are going to bother with the mess of Drupal 8 – so we’ve been happily transitioning to WordPress. Close to 30% of the world’s websites are on WordPress now, and for good reason. We also see the LMS as a single solution being a bit old-hat now. WordPress is going to be the platform for a bunch of innovative companies (like ours!) to to bring a bunch of great micro solutions to.

What’s the biggest new trend in educational tech? 
The move from passive lecturing videos to interactive guiding videos. And in general, learning design will become less about shoe-horning courses into single solution platforms and more about weaving together custom solutions with hand-picked micro-services and solutions.