Name? Keona Hammond

Where are you from originally? Cochrane, Alberta

What is your role with Learnbase? Operations Manager

What is the most interesting thing you’ve read this week? I read that if a tree’s leaves are being eaten, the tree will send out messages through the root and mycelium network or through the air to warn nearby trees who will then emit toxic or displeasing chemicals.

What kind of online course do you most need to take and why?  ‘How to Rise to Benign Dictator in 10 Easy Steps’.  Maybe not.  I would like to take a coding course to not be so dependent on others when things go wrong.

Favourite part about working at Learnbase?  No two days are ever alike!  The amount of new skills I’ve developed over the last 3 years astonishes me.  Also, it’s been inspiring to ‘take’ the online courses we have helped to make with our clients.