About Us

The Learnbase Team

The Learnbase team is your hub for every part of the online learning-design and marketing process you need - from coding to hosting, film production to voice talent, animators to SEO alchemists, web hosting and scrum management.

And most importantly, we know how to truly optimize your content for maximum engagement.

Our core team is based on Bowen Island, BC - a thriving community with an amazing array of highly-talented creative professionals - just off the West Coast of Canada.


Neil Hammond


Neil is a learning-design specialist and the architect of Learnbase. He has also been known to edit videos, design ads, direct film shoots, do the sound engineering, edit code, and generally go to any length to make sure the job gets done. He brings both a breadth and depth of experience from over twenty years of educational management, marketing, design of large technical project applications and classroom practice.


Keona brings her business, accounting and creative background as an artist together to bring an indispensable flair to analytics, project tracking and costing, client sales funnel set ups as well as course structure implementation and visual design.

Keona Hammond

Utkarsh Srivastava

Project and QA Manager  

Brilliant and tireless, Utkarsh takes care of both our sprint team (the big stuff) and our support team (the pesky stuff), keeping builds on time, on budget and working beautifully.

Design Manager

A talented artist and graphic designer, Lucas beautifully blends our clients' brand look and feel into inspiring learning landscapes.

 Lucas Gaudette

Natasha Currah 

Social Media and SEO Manager

Natasha heads up our communications, social media and SEO client services as well as being our voice-over diva. As a practising yoga teacher, she breathes a sense of serenity and calm into our office when those deadlines are looming.

Learning Design Associate

Over on the East Coast, Michelle is founder of our partners The Alina Group.  Michelle has experience across four continents, which inspires her to see instructional design as the development of meaningful learning communities. 

Michelle Sengara